Handmade Miniature Furniture

Ralph Kraft is a local craftsman who spends his free time creating these beautiful miniature pieces of furniture for his wife to display in the Victorian and Long Ranch doll houses that he has built from scratch for her.

Each piece is handcrafted using a variety of technique, including a mini lathe with a duplicator for the spindles. At a rough estimate, each piece has at least 150 hours in it. The attention to detail is remarkable.

Ralph has received a lot of recognition, including the most points awarded at the Toledo Botanical Gardens Miniature Show in 1999. Each piece is scaled 1″ to the foot. The hardware is meticulously installed, taking great care not to allow any of the nails to break through the back and making sure each is placed proportionate to what a true size version would be. Each drawer opens, the roll tops open, the doors swing open and the secretary desks fold down.

Thank you Ralph, for sharing these photos with us! Your work is beautiful!!

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