How do I calculate board feet?

For domestic lumber, you can calculate board feet in inches or in feet. Use one of these two formulas to calculate board feet. Rounding up the total to the nearest quarter of a foot is standard industry practice (e.g., 3.8 bf becomes 4 bf).

Formula Example

1. T” x W” x L” 1″ x 6″ x 96″

144 = X board feet 144 = 4 bf

2. T” x W” x L’ 1″ x 6″ x 8′

12 = X board feet 12 = 4 bf

(T = thickness, W = width, L = length, bf = board feet)

For exotic lumber, standard measurement is by the inch (length only?) and calculated to two decimal places.

What is R1E?

R1E stands for ripped on one edge. This edge is straight enough to accept a glue joint.

Typically, R1E stock has not been surface planed.

KenCraft will “clean up” any rough-sawn lumber for $0.20/bf. 1/16″ will be taken off both sides.


Custom Millwork

From simple crosscuts to custom milling, we’re here to help.

We can do it for you.

What woodworker couldn’t use an extra pair of hands? And bigger machines? As a full-service mill shop and hardwood lumber distributor, we have the equipment to do all kinds of things you may not be able to do in your workshop, including:

  • Custom moldings (any quantity) – With knife grinding in-house, we can match those old and hard-to-find moldings and trim. (We stock hard-to-find moldings such as hickory, hard maple, cherry, red oak and poplar.)
  • Engraving – Signs, bench panels, unique designs, you name it.
  • Re-sawing – Up to 15″ wide and as thin as 1/16″
  • Planing – Up to 25″ wide
  • Edge ripping – Up to 16′ long
  • Gluing panels – Up to 14′ long
  • Wide-belt sanding – Up to 40″ wide
  • Routing
  • Face joining – (KenCraft stock only) Up to 10″ wide panels

Our equipment is at your service for these and other types of custom millwork.

Just ask!

CNC molding center with 5 cutting heads

Laser auto feed saw center

Double-sided planer/sander

Radial arm saw

Vacuum table for panel making


Millwork Charges – Regular millwork charges apply to lumber purchased from KenCraft.

We no longer do millwork on material purchased elsewhere.  Which includes basic cutting or planning.

Stop in, call 419-536-0333 or email us today.