24 Gauge Sheet Metal Saddles


These saddles have bent spot welded tabs and a caulked seam around branch.

Kencraft’s Sheet Metal Saddles are constructed of 24 gauge Glavanized Sheet Metal with bent spot welded tabs. The seam around the branches are caulked.

Saddles can be used in situations where your system is already set up and you need to branch off. With a saddle, you cut a hole in the existing pipe and place the saddle over the hole. Keep in mind that the branches should come off the side of the pipe, not the top or the bottom.

These Sheet Metal Saddles are custom made for Kencraft. That means we can offer them at a lower cost than most other retailers. And we can have them made to custom fit your system. If you do not see the size you need on this list, send us your dimension requirements and we will quote a custom saddle for you. Custom saddles typically take 2 weeks to be constructed.

We are happy to order custom sizes for you. Lead time for custom Saddles or Wyes is 2 weeks. Email or call us for pricing or to place the order for the custom pieces.
4″ on 8 “
5″ on 8″
5″ on 6″
4″ on 7″
6″ on 10″
*Branch size must be equal to or smaller than the mainline. Other combinations can be made, please inquire.
Saddle Sizes

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