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Router Master Router Pad



Product Description

Kencraft is the founder of the original Router Master Router Pad. Router Master Router Pad is a specially designed pad that allows the user to route small pieces without clamping or nailing. It is ideally suited for routing door frames, plaques, or any irregular shaped pieces that are difficult to hold in place without the use of special clamps or fixtures.

The Router Master is a uniquely formulated, high-density bonded urethane with urethane elastomer adhesives added for strength. Router Master urethane is made under a patented process.

Router Master Router Pad is five times denser than ordinary carpet pad material and has two gripping surfaces.

The functions of the Router Pad are nearly endless:

  • Route door frames
  • Plunge Routing
  • Great kneeling pad
  • Belt sanding
  • To protect and store wood chisels, saw blades etc..
  • Protects finish on project while working on it
  • Use the non skid pad to deaden noise of office machines
  • Routing irregular shaped pieces
  • Glass cutting surface
  • Finish sanding
  • Relief carving
  • Sign Making

When finished, simply roll up your Router Pad for easy storage. The Router Master Router Pad measures 24″ x 36″ – large enough to handle your cabinet doors, picture frames and other large pieces.

To clean the Router Master Router Pad, use a bench brush, shop vac or air hose. DO NOT WASH or expose to solvents.