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KenCraft Company Dust Collector Fittings

Compatible with Oneida, Grizzly and other dust collection systems.

The KenCraft Advantages
1. All fittings made in the U.S.A .
2. Live Customer Support M-F 8:30-5:30 by
calling 419-536-0333 or email us anytime.
3. We pack and ship out of our warehouse in
1-2 days

4. Our prices save you money w/o sacrificing

5. Up to a 27% savings over other major competitors prices



Our Products
1. Wyes and Saddles
2. Hoses / Hose Clamps
3. Elbows
4. Reducers
5. Blast Gates
6. Couplings / Hose Connectors
7. Pipe and Pipe Connectors
8. Miscellaneous - (Screws, Tape, Pipe Strapping, Floor Sweeps, Machine Connectors)

Sample of a Dust Collector System Set-up

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Check out our dust collector fittings below


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Wyes and Saddles
Lateral Wye
True Wye
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Dust Collector Sheet Metal Taper Reducers
Sheet Metal Reducer
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Dust Collector Elbows
Long Sweep Elbow
Adjustable Elbow
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Dust Collector Hose and Hose Accessories
Flexible Hose
Hose Connector
Hose Clamp
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Dust Collector Blast Gates
Blast Gate
Blast Gate Adapters
Hinged Cleanout
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Dust Collector Straight Pipe and Pipe Connectors
Snap Lock Pipe
End Cap
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Miscellaneous - Screws,Floor Sweeps,Hanger Strap,Machine Accessories
Floor Sweep
Zip Screws Foil Tape
Dust Collector Accessories
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At Ken Craft Company we carry dust collection fittings

Dust collection is quite possibly the most important component in a shop! One of the most fundamentally important aspects of dust collection is, as the dust is being generated, the dust must be picked up, or it will be lost in the air, where the task of collecting becomes nearly impossible. Your setup should always collect the dust at the point of dust origin. With the correct fittings, machinery, hose and other accessories, you’ll be able to work virtually worry free when it comes to breathing in annoying dust particles. Here at Ken Craft Company we take pride in the fact that we carry a huge selection of dust collection items. We have those little hard to find parts that no one else seems to have! Click on the photos below for price and details.

One important reason is to avoid the health risk. Inhaling fine wood dust can develop into respiratory illnesses as well as aggravate existing respiratory conditions. There are various types of wood dust that can also cause irritation to uncovered skin surface. Fine wood dust can stay suspended for hours. Exposing employees to this type of environment will certainly result in workman’s compensation claims or even possibly a law suit. Providing dust collection at machinery as well as self-contained ceiling suspended dust collection units will keep the shop air virtually dust free.

We stock a wide selection of Dust Collectors and Dust Collector Accessories for home and industrial woodworking shops:

  • Dust collector hose adapters
  • Dust collection hoses
    • Lightweight polyethylene
    • Crush resistant
    • Clear to allow user to see obstruction
  • Short dust collection hoses
  • Wire reinforced PVC hose
  • Dust collector blast gates
    • Cast aluminum blast gates
    • Easy opening thumb screws
    • Tapered openings
    • Quick disconnect blast gates
  • Dust collector straight pipe and pipe connectors
  • Dust collection Y’s
    • Lateral wyes
    • Single branch
    • Custom made double branch wyes
    • 24 gauge galvanized sheet metal
  • Long sweep elbows
  • Adjustable elbows
  • T hose connectors
  • Hose connector couplings for dust collection

We draw from our extensive warehouse inventory for the ductwork, special fittings and hardware you need for your ventilation or dust collection system. We stock dust collection spiral pipe, dust collection hose, and dust collection fittings, as well as manifolds used for dust collection on sanders and molders.

Our Machine dust collection fittings work on various types of shop machinery such as:

  • Industrial cyclones
  • Home dust collectors
  • Home cyclones
  • Portable dust collectors
  • Radial arm saws
  • Miter boxes
  • Sanders
  • Double headed sanders
  • CNC machines
  • Rip saws
  • Band saws
  • Planners
  • Resaws
  • Wide belt sanders
  • Drum sanders
  • Edge sanders
  • Spindle sanders
  • Shapers
  • Table saws
  • Jointers
  • Moulders
  • Molders

Whether you are a small home shop or doing woodworking as a business, a Dust Collector System is important.  The KenCraft Company can supply you with the dust collector fittings you need to complete your shop dust collection set up.  We ship nationwide via UPS.

When Kencraft made the decision to sell dust collection accessories, we made a commitment to offer the best quality at a low price.  After all, setting up a dust collection system should not break the bank, it should help improve the quality of your workshop and help you work easier.  When comparing our dust collector fittings to others, you will find that you will get great quality and lower prices. 

Why is a dust collection system important?

A dust collector system is important for a number of reasons:

  • Reduced health risks by limiting the fine dust inhaled.  Fine wood dust that is inhaled can contribute to respiratory illnesses or aggravate existing conditions.

  • Shop Cleanliness helps productivity.  Wood chips and sawdust that are properly collected help keep work surfaces clean, thus will not interrupt work flow by having to stop and make room.

  • A better finished product.  When saw dust and wood chips are left behind, there is the opportunity for them to create indentations on planned surfaces.  Rough spots can also be seen in the finish if saw dust is drawn into the finishing booth.

  • Increased project accuracy.  A dust collection system that is properly installed can help reduce or eliminate clouds of sawdust that can impair your vision – much like driving in snow or rain on a windy day.  Impaired vision can create problems when cutting, measuring and assembling.  

  • Reduced fire hazards in the shop .  When sawdust and chips are lying around, there is an ever increasing chance that a spark can send a fire through the shop quickly.

*This list is in no particular order of importance*

If you do not have a Dust Collection System in your shop or if you have the need to add on to an existing system, take a few minutes to look over what we have to offer.  If you do not see what you are looking for – just ask!  We are in the process of expanding our offerings. 

You need it for your next woodworking project?  The KenCraft Company has it!  Contact us to learn more about our huge selection of hardwood lumber and dust collector accessories.

We accept orders via our Online Store, Phone, Email or you can visit our Ebay store.

Dust collection systems and fittings should be properly grounded to prevent static electricity build up.